Cool Horse Head Cake

Homemade Horse Head Cake

I used a horse silhouette and cut it out then made a basic sponge cake and placed the silhouette on top and cut the shape from that. I then put butter cream in the middle and crumb coated it also in this. I used ready to roll chocolate icing for the covering and white ready … Read more

Coolest Vegan Chocolate Horse Decoration for a Cake

Homemade Vegan Chocolate Horse Decoration for a Cake

I made this homemade vegan chocolate horse decoration for a cake to go on my partner’s cake for her birthday. The design came from a photo one of us took of a Clydesdale X Arab, he’s a spunk. He looks like a Clydesdale but acts like an Arabian with his tail and and an extended … Read more

Coolest Horse Cake

Horse Cake

Just follow your recipe for making chocolate chip bar bookies. For the picture on the horse cake, I had ‘Spirit’ in mind even though it doesn’t look like Spirit! I drew the horse on the cake freehand with black piping gel. It was easy to wipe off if I made a mistake. Once I had … Read more