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Coolest Clown Birthday Cake 15

by Lori F.
(Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK)

Homemade Clown Birthday Cake

Homemade Clown Birthday Cake

I used a large circular tin to bake the chocolate sponge for this Clown Birthday Cake. When baked, I rounded and smoothed the edge. I then covered in a flesh coloured sugarpaste (by the way, flesh colour is VERY annoying to colour on a large scale, it took me about 2 hours to knead the colour to perfection so if you can find it I'd recommend buying it ready coloured) and pushed a round indentation in the middle for the nose to sit.

I rolled out a thick piece of red paste and cut it into strips and then cut these again into short strips, I then stuck these down with edible glue to make the hair. I started from the bottom so each layer would overlap the other.

I rolled out a white piece of sugarpaste and cut the eye and mouth shapes out and stuck these onto the face, I used a black icing-writer for the eye crosses and using the end of a paintbrush I made an indentation for the mouth which I painted red.
I used my leftover scraps of white sugarpaste and rolled it into a ball, I then rolled out a piece of green sugarpaste and put this over the ball to make the hat which I stuck on top.

I used a yellow icing writer to make the yellow ribbon around the hat. I rolled a small piece of blue sugarpaste which I cut into the flower shape and put a dab of yellow in the middle for the pollen.

I then rolled a ball of red sugarpaste for the nose and glued this in the middle to finish.

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by: Maya

Simple and beautiful clown cake,I am going to do something similar for my boy now,on top of a moist chocolate cake.

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Coolest Clown Cake 14

by Mia H.
(Dayton, OH )

Homemade Clown Cake

Homemade Clown Cake

This Clown Cake is a chocolate layered cake filled with whipped peanut butter and iced with a homemade chocolate butter cream using 1/2 butter & 1/2 shortening. It's important to ice your cake using thin consistency icing.

To make your base smooth - ice your cake and smooth it with your spatula. Let the cake sit 10-15 minutes (do not let it sit longer) to harden just a little. Take Viva brand paper towels (no patterns) and lay it on top of the cake. Rub gently with your hand, and you'll get a smooth base.

To decorate use medium consistency icing colored in whatever color you want. I used Wilton's golden yellow mixed with lemon yellow, no-taste red, royal blue mixed with very little black. The key with the red and blue is that I almost had to use quite a bit to get the color I wanted. Also let it sit overnight, because the color will get darker.

Use the #21 tip to make the clown. You have to use quite a bit of icing to do this. Hold your bag straight up and press hard. Make the ruffle about a quarter shape and just keep squeezing hard consistently until you get the height you want. Use the same tip to make legs and arms. I used the #3 tip to make the feet, hands and buttons.

The clown heads are inserts that Wilton makes. I used tiny party hat and star cookie cutters to make the shapes. I used the #3 tip to outline those shapes and fill in the designs. The border is a shell border using the #21 tip.

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