Cool Homemade Clowns Cake

This was my first clown cake. This idea came from the Wilton Cake Decorating Courses I have taken. I used a double layer white cake. The top is iced white, with the side iced yellow. I used polka dots of various colors around the side of different sizes.

The clowns were made from different sized star tips with a already made plastic clown head. The shoes and hands were made with the same tip as the polka dots on the side. One tip, if you ever make a cake like this, is not to worry about the two colored icings meeting up at the edge of the top. All you have to do is cover up the lines between the two colors with a wide decorative border around the edges.

I enjoyed making this cake because of the various colors used through out the cake, and the many techniques that were used to make the cake. This can be used in many birthday party cakes and you can even make it two tiers with the clowns wrapped around the columns.

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