My friend’s daughter got married to her soldier fiance last summer. She asked me to make a topper for the wedding cake, as I have made a lot of sugar paste models for novelty cakes.

I decided to make the bride and groom sitting on a round plaque and used photos of the couple to model them from. As the groom was a guardsman and wore a distinctive red jacket, I tried to emulate this.

I used ready-made sugar paste, colouring it and adding tylo powder to make the paste more pliable.

I chose to make the heads using just a simple ball shape and drew on just eyes and mouths, giving them a cartoon style appearance.

I cut out tiny flowers using a flower cutter for the bouquet, and made a veil for the bride from a small piece of lace. I used a tiny heart sequin and a piece of white cotton for the ‘good luck’ charm to hang from her wrist.

Everyone liked it and the couple were pleased, as they didn’t know I was going to make the models so detailed!