I made this castle cake for my daughter’s 6th Birthday. The first, second and fourth layers are cake, the third is a box covered in icing. All cake layers are double cakes, with butter cream in the middle. I just asked friends and family for different sized pans, then chose the ones that went well together.

The towers were made with the cardboard inserts from wrapping paper. I cut them to size, then covered them in butter cream, and rolled the fondant icing around them. I was surprised at how easy this actually was. The turrets are waffer cones, covered in glue, then sprinkled in purple glitter. Hint: Don’t place the glue covered cones in an air tight container! They go soft!

To paint the towers (which are not edible) I used face paint. I then decorated the cake with butterflies, which were great at hiding my mistakes! I also used props from my daughter’s Barbie toys. The grounds of the castle were made with coloured coconut.

In total I used around 10 340gr cake mixes and 4 packets of ready to roll icing. The cooking of the cakes was done a week in advance. I froze the cakes, then defrosted them before I started to decorate it. I also used cake boards between the cakes, which helped to keep the cake level. It took me 5 hours to decorate, paint and design the cake. But it was worth it in the end. I really enjoyed making this cake, and of course my daughter and her friends (and their mothers) loved it.

I developed the concept of this cake from many that I had seen on this website. I spend many weeks planning the design and required materials in my head.

Hope you can gain some ideas from this cake. Happy baking!