I made this Anniversary Cake Design for my sister in law’s 20th wedding anniversary. It was the second cake that I had ever done with fondant. I got the idea off of a website and put my own touches to it. I really enjoyed making it, a little time consuming but fun. Everyone loved the cake and thought it was beautiful.

I used 14in, 10in & 8in round pans. I used Wilton fondant, (2 big boxes). I baked 2 cakes of each size pan. The cakes I baked 3 days ahead. I used chocolate and yellow cake mixes. I made the bows and roses (out of fondant) 2 days ahead. For the roses I cut strips of fondant and rolled them (don’t roll them tightly). I flattened the bottoms to make it easier to attach. The bows are large strips of fondant, attach the ends using a damp brush. I used the other end of the brush to help shape the folds in the bow.

Lay them on their side to set. Do not lay flat they will lose their shape. The night before I made the 20 out of chocolate. The day before the party, I put a layer of each together with strawberry filling & butter cream in the middle, crumb coated it and covered it in fondant. I piped out pearls with butter cream around the bottom two tiers.

I made the swags and veils with the fondant, the swags and veils are strips of fondant, using the brush to help make the folds, then attached them with a damp brush. I attached the bows and the big roses to the bottom tier. I then did the same with the swags & roses for the other two tiers.