I had a young couple come to me and ask me if I could make a unusual wedding cake for them. They said they didn’t want a traditional wedding cake and the wedding was going to be held outside. They were interested in hunting, camping and four wheeling and that’s what they wanted for there cake. They also wanted a little lavender color added somewhere since the bride to be loved that color.

Since we live in W.Va a redneck wedding cake came to mind. French Vanilla cake mix and my homemade buttercream icing were used to create this cake. I thought about this for a few days then started drawing. Finding hunting figurines was a huge problem so I had to improvise and use action figures. This was the first “Coolest Red Neck Wedding Cake” of this kind I ever made so I was really up for a challenge. It took two days for me to complete this cake.

The bottom half of the cake was made to look like a tree stump with a winding road up around to the top half of the cake which was the top of the mountain and was made to look like a hunting camping site. Of course the Bride and Groom had to ride four wheelers which had JUST and MARRIED attached to the racks. Of course no W.Va campsite would be complete without deer, hunters, and four wheelers.

Needless to say this was just the cake they wanted and were very pleased with the result.