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Homemade Diego Waterfall Cake

by Sara M.
(Coeur d'Alene, ID, USA)

Diego Waterfall Cake

Diego Waterfall Cake

This cake was made for my son's fourth birthday. I couldn't find any Diego cakes at any local bakeries that I liked, so I decided to make my own. I looked online at this website in particular, I loved the cakes here, so decided to make my own version.

I used two boxes of store-bought birthday cake, one container of cream cheese frosting which I dyed green (available at Michaels), a container of chocolate fudge frosting for the mountain, and one can of Betty Crocker blue "spray" frosting for the waterfall.

I cooked one box of cake in a 9" by 13" cake pan. For the mountain, I baked one box of cake mix in a round cake mold. The mold is available at Michaels and originally intended to make a doll cake. When cooled, I cut the bottom of the mountain flat, slathered frosting on the bottom, and attached it to the rectangle base with tooth picks. I then frosted the whole mountain brown, used the spray to draw a waterfall. I love the spray frosting, it comes with different tips and allows for really easy "drawing" on cakes. I frosted the base green and used a grass tip with a pastry bag to make the grass around the waterfall and around the base of the mountain. I used the Diego candle from Michaels, some small jungle animals that were purchased at Fred Meyer, and the tree and bush were from a pirate playset that already belonged to my son. I crumbled one Oreo cookie on mountain for dirt.

All in all, aside from baking time, the whole cake took just under an hour, and the kids loved it. What I loved the most about this cake is that you could really use any kind of animals or dinosaurs you have on hand. It's a really flexible theme.

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