Abby Cadabby Cake

I made an Abby Cadabby cake for my daughter, Abby’s, First Birthday party. I used 3 boxes of cake mix. I set it up kinda like Mickey Mouse – her head and two big pom-pom pigtails.

To make the shape of her face and hair, I used a bread knife and carved out the shape. I used home made buttercream icing with Wilton’s icing color dye – pink, purple, blue, yellow. I bought black in a tube, since I didn’t need much. I used the star tip (16?), fine tip and of course the hair tip!

To make the huge hair I filled the bag with pink and purple icing and it came out just like Abby’s hair!

I also made a smash cake that was a mini version of this made from just one cake (2 layer) that I carved the shape of and some Sesame cup cakes (Elmo and Cookie Monster). She LOVED the cake! Her party had 60 people at it and we only had a little bit of her Abby Cadabby cake left over and no cupcakes!

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  1. Your cake came out amazing! I will be copying it next month for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party! Thanks so much for posting it!

  2. What size pans did you use for the three cakes and how much buttercream frosting did you have to make for all this? Also, was the face the only part you carved?

    I would love to make this for my daughters birthday, but I’m not sure about the decorating part. Thank you so much for posting this!

  3. Hello! I just used regular round cake pans and carved all of the shapes. The tops of the cakes were flat, I added the texture of the face using the icing. I used a TON of buttercream! I have no idea how much! It was my first time ever trying to make a character cake, so I just kinda “wong” it! I’m so glad everyone likes it and is getting some good ideas from it! I love this site! I get so many ideas from it too! Thanks for a wonderful site!

  4. Hi !
    I love your cakes…
    My baby is turning 1 and the party themed its Abby Cadabby …
    any suggestion for the cake? i want to bake it my self !!
    this is my email

  5. ok, so im thinking of trying this for my daugthers 3rd birthday at the end of this month so i hpe i hear back from you! lol just a quick question. i was planning on doing cupcakes for all the guests and a small head of abby for my daughters actual cake. not thinking it would be such a pain to find a cake pan. now i see she choose the worse character from sesame street! they even have the count pan, but NO abby! anyways i LOVE your cake and saw you said you made a mini one. did you use mini cake pans? i saw you said you cut it out for the smash cake but what size pan did you use? and the cupcakes you did, did you decorate them like elmo and cookie?


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