I made an Abby Cadabby cake for my daughter, Abby’s, First Birthday party. I used 3 boxes of cake mix. I set it up kinda like Mickey Mouse – her head and two big pom-pom pigtails.

To make the shape of her face and hair, I used a bread knife and carved out the shape. I used home made buttercream icing with Wilton’s icing color dye – pink, purple, blue, yellow. I bought black in a tube, since I didn’t need much. I used the star tip (16?), fine tip and of course the hair tip!

To make the huge hair I filled the bag with pink and purple icing and it came out just like Abby’s hair!

I also made a smash cake that was a mini version of this made from just one cake (2 layer) that I carved the shape of and some Sesame cup cakes (Elmo and Cookie Monster). She LOVED the cake! Her party had 60 people at it and we only had a little bit of her Abby Cadabby cake left over and no cupcakes!