Abby Cadabby Sesame Street Cake

Here’s my attempt at making Sesame Streets newest edition Abby Cadabby. It’s 3D and everything you see is edible.

All together I used 2 cake mixes.

Her skirt: I used the Barbie wonder mold. Once you bake that section, just slice off the top a little bit to make the platform flatter and bigger for her torso.

Her Torso/ Head: I used the Wilton’s 3D teddy bear and put in only enough cake mix to fill up the head and torso of the bear. Once baked, I did some carving (cut off the ears and arms and shape the body. Use dowels to connect the head/torso, to the skirt.

Her Hair: I used gumpaste. Just roll it out the night before into thin strips, and mold the curls onto a shiskabab… leave it over night so it can harden.

Arms/Legs: I used gumpaste to roll out her legs and arms (attach these last)

**I made this cake for a coworker’s daughter whose name was also Abby. with the leftover cake batter, I spelled out her name using 4 cupcakes

Decorating: I used the small star tips for her skirt and then the bigger star tip for her body. After everything was piped on, I stuck the arms and legs in with shishkabobs and piped right onto the gumpaste. Then take the gumpaste hair that has hardened from the night before that has attached to the shiskabobs and just stick it into the head.

27 thoughts on “Abby Cadabby Sesame Street Cake”

  1. Love this cake and I’m 32 years of age so I can’t imagine a little child’s bday and their reaction if they are a fan of Abby! Good work!

  2. this cake is so cool!!! my daughter is turning 1 soon and her name is abby too… iam having a abby cadabby party but i cant find a cake yet, since she is so new! but the cake is verry cool.

  3. This cake is so adorable and cute. You did such a good job very creative. would you take any special orders for a birthday party? my niece will be turning 1 in August and she would really love it and so will my sister. she would love it if i give her a cake like that.

    if you can please e mail me at

  4. Hello all! I’m sorry, I don’t check this site much and I don’t know if anyone ever leaves comments or ask questions.

  5. I plan on making a 3D Abby cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. What kind of fondant did you use? Did you buy it or make it yourself??

    I absolutely love your cake. Thanks for the idea.

  6. My daughter’s name is Aaliyah and her 2nd birthday is on July 24th and I wanted to know the charge of making this cake for my daughter’s birthday.

  7. Heather,

    I did not use fondant. Everything here is buttercream frosting piped. I used Gumpaste (store bought) to make her 2 pony tails.

  8. All my friends call me abbycadabby (because I’m super creative and bubbly), even before she popped up on Sesame Street, and I’m trying to talk my mom into letting the theme of my (13th) birthday party be abbycadabby!!!

  9. Hello and thanks all for your comments. I apologize as I don’t check this site often. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to email me at

    I’ve had several request from people out of state but just wanted to clarify I live in Ankeny, Iowa.

    Thanks all for comments!

  10. Hello Anh I love your cake and wanted to see if you could make a Abby cake for my daughter 3rd birthday party. How much it would cost. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks


  11. thats a good job on that cake i was wondering if u can make my daughter one for her 4th birthday party n i wanted to know how much would u charge me for the cake


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