Coolest Abby Cadabby Character Birthday Cake

I have twin boy/girl grandchildren and each year I have made cakes that have coordinating characters. This year was an Abby Cadabby Character Birthday Cake and Elmo from Sesame Street. An Elmo pan was easy to find, but I wanted an Abby head to coordinate with his and there wasn’t one. I noticed one day at the cake store that they had a carriage pan that I envisioned as an upside down Abby head. I rented the pan and designed the cake from clip-art of the character. Upside down, the wheels became her ponytails and the rest was freehand. The face is made with a star tip, smooth eyes, and the ponytails with the hair/fur tip.

The only thing I would do differently next time is more outlining first. I have made a few cakes before, but am definitely an amateur. I made my own buttercream frosting and used Wilton coloring to get the rich colors. The matching Elmo cake was made from the Wilton pan and the same frosting.

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