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Amazingly Realistic Homemade Baby Cake!

Here is just one of the many baby cakes I have been asked to do for family and friends! It all started from making my mum’s 50th birthday cake and everyone was totally amazed that it was the first cake I had ever made and from that my ideas just got wild! Hence this very very life like baby boy! (baby boy cake number 2, the other baby is also added to this great site!)

He is all totally edible along with his crib! He is not only life like but life size! This was for my cousin’s little boy’s Christening! And I had so much fun bringing him to life! His face and hand are all sculpted from white modelling chocolate and then painted to give him his life like color! (this process took over 2 weeks).

I then placed his head on the cake board and built the cake in the shape of his crib around him covered it all in royal icing, added a few finishing touches and Viola! Baby Blake was born!

I don’t have a shop! I don’t advertise! I just do this in my spare time! (although it is my dream to have my very own totally crazy cake shop!). I want to be different. I love to create cakes that make people just stand and stare!  and say (no that is not cake)!

I really hope you get some inspiration from this cake!  Go crazy! Go wild!  A cake is a big part of any party and often quite expensive! So make it stand out!  Make it a talking point!

Amazingly Realistic Homemade Baby Cake!