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Coolest Crib Cake for Baby Shower

This Crib Cake for Baby Shower was for my 11th grandchild’s baby shower. The cake was made with 2 half sheet pans that were cut in half and stacked making it a four layer cake. The cake flavors were strawberry and vanilla with strawberry mousse filling. Each layer was frosted with a light coat of butter cream to help prevent the mousse from soaking into the cake. After it was stacked and frosted I then made blue and yellow fondant and put ruffles around the cake and cut squares of the same to give it the look of a quilt.

The crib itself was made from 5 gallon paint stirrers and craft sticks. The total cost for this was only about 3 dollars. It was put together with hot glue all but one side which we left off until it was around the cake then that was attached with floral wire so that we could get it off easily. The wire was hidden with one of the wrist rattles that I put on the legs of the crib. The wood was painted with food coloring mixed with vanilla because I didn’t want anything that could be toxic near the cake. I then purchased inexpensive toys and baby doll and placed them on the cake after the baby was in place I made a small fondant blanket to finish the look.

Coolest Crib Cake for Baby Shower

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