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Coolest Bassinet Baby Shower Cake

This Bassinet Baby Shower Cake all started out as a simple baby bottom cake for my daughter’s baby shower. Then I saw a cool zoo animal crib cake on TV and decided to combine the two designs. I started out making crispy treat animals covered in fondant, unfortunately they came out larger than expected so I enlisted my hubby’s help in building a crib for the now larger crib cake mattress. While he was shopping for the materials for the crib he stopped to pick up a gift for the shower and found the round bassinet.

What started out as a 1/4 sheet cake became this amazing bassinet cake. The mattress is a 24″ round cake covered in pink fondant. Lucky for me my hubby has a bakery background and had no trouble baking the 3 sheet cakes and assembling the mattress cake and my oldest daughter stayed over the night before the shower to help finish the animals and accessories so we all took turns rolling the huge sheet of fondant to cover the mattress.

The baby bottom is made of crispy treats covered in marshmallow fondant and draped with a marshmallow fondant blanket. All the animals were fashioned out of crispy treats covered in marshmallow fondant. They were copied from stuffed animals I bought as a baby gift. A rattle and pacifier were made from treats and fondant as well. The only casualty we had was the giraffes neck collapsed so I stuck a bamboo kabob skewer through the top of the head all the way through it and into the cake to hold it up. The cake mattress was set into the bassinet on top pf a plastic sheet and the “baby”, rattle, pacifier, and “stuffed animals” were placed on the mattress.

Thankfully I had my family to help, without them it would have never come together!

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  1. the coolest cake! much better than what i have seen on cake boss or charm city cakes. nice clean look! duff eat your heart out


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