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Contest Winning Birthday Cake Designs

Looking for a birthday cake to impress? Look no further!

These cakes are all contest winners and include all shapes, sizes and genres. What you will see are not your ordinary birthday cakes. Be sure to pause and savor these details. You too can learn how to make these incredibly cool sugar constructions.

You will find a wine bottle nestled in a box, a life-sized guitar, and a stained glass lamp. Keep looking and you can read how to make R2D2 pushing a baby stroller. Scroll down and chance upon an amazing replica of the Titanic. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, be sure to check out his owl Hedwig, Hagrid’s hut and the Monster Book of Monsters. Whichever image catches your eye, your mind will not believe that you are actually looking at a birthday cake!

We are in awe of what our contest winners came up with when submitting a birthday cake. Let us know what inspires you and share your creation with us here!