Coolest Hedwig the Owl Cake from Harry Potter

I made this cake for some friends of mine.  They just asked me for Hedwig but I got carried away as I am a big fan of Harry potter. So I saw this fantastic cake stand on ebay that looked like a bird cage and that’s when this cake was born. Everything just had to … Read more

Superest Super Mario Birthday Cake NO Fondant Required!

Let’s get honest. Fondant is expensive and time consuming! Ok, maybe I’m just scared of new things. Anyway, you can make a memorable cake like me…EVEN if you have FOUR KIDS ages FIVE and UNDER and you dont want to try fondant. That’s right people. Do it in stages. Freeze it. Cut it. MAKE YOUR … Read more

Coolest Chest of Toys Cake

Coolest Chest of Toys Cake

I wanted to make a cake for the son of my friend who was turning 2. The boy’s name is Luca and he is such a sweet boy. I went to their home to discuss the cake with his mother but she couldn’t choose one. In the meantime I noticed that Luca was playing with … Read more

Coolest Skylanders Cake

Every year I ask my son, “What kind of birthday do you want?” and almost instantly regret it. I love making cakes, but I am no expert; I have no training of any kind and some of the designs I come up with are quite difficult, though I’m not experienced enough to know it. But … Read more

Awesome 3D Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Cake

Cake Decorating Contest

Our “Audrey II” cake was made for an actor in the lead role of “Seymour” in a stage production of “Little Shop Of Horrors”.  This cake was so much fun to make! The cake board is a wooden disk covered in food grade gold foil.  I used a center post attached to the cake base … Read more

Amazing Hagrid’s Hut from Harry Potter Birthday Cake

My now 6 year old daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter, so she was dying for a Harry Potter party.  We (well OK I) tend to go a little nuts with the theme, but this was such fun! As I’m not confident enough in my cake making abilities to create Hogwarts, I decided that Hagrid’s Hut would be … Read more

Coolest Red Bird Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Coolest Red Bird Angry Birds Birthday Cake

My son wanted an Angry Bird cake for his birthday last year. I thought, “piece of cake! I’ll go to the store and ORDER one!” Boy, was I surprised to find out that our supermarket had absolutely nothing in their cake design book for Angry Birds! But they were SOOOO popular, how can that be??? … Read more

Coolest Chocolate Bar Cake

Coolest Chocolate Bar Cake

I came up with the idea for this chocolate bar cake because I wanted to make a special cake for a friend’s birthday. She is Norwegian and she loves chocolate, so I decided to create a replica of one of her favorite chocolate bars in cake form. How I Made My Friend’s Chocolate Bar Cake … Read more

Amazing Wine Bottle Cake for Mom’s 60th Birthday

Classy Wine Bottle Cake for a 60th Birthday

My Mom’s 60th birthday was coming up and I wanted to make her a special wine bottle cake.  My sister thought I should make something funny (a roll of toilet paper that read “You’re old as crap!  Here’s to wiping another year away”).  Besides the fact that my very conservative grandmother thought it was inappropriate … Read more

Coolest 3D Sculpted Venom Cake

Coolest Ever 3D Sculpted Venom Cake

I had a VERY last minute order for a 3D sculpted Venom cake and matching cupcakes. I was more than happy to do it because my husband is a huge comic book fan. He was very excited throughout the entire process as he watched the sculpture come together. In fact when I was done he … Read more

Coolest Homemade Steampunk Wedding Cake

Spunky Steampunk Wedding Cake

A few years ago I was asked by family friends if I would take on the task of a wedding cake. Now, I’m not a pro, here.  I work 45 hours a week at a small law office and sell skin care on the side. I’m certainly not the cake lady. Our friends were impressed … Read more