Coolest Gothic Wedding Cake

Coolest Gothic Wedding Cake

I made this Gothic wedding cake for my son’s wedding which was on Halloween. They came to me and asked if I could make a very strange and different cake. They wanted it to be teal and black and have offset square layers. They also wanted silver spikes around it. My mind raced with ideas. Early Preparations … Read more

Coolest Sock Monkey Birthday Cake

Homemade Sock Monkey Birthday Cake

I made this Sock Monkey birthday cake because my grandson had a favorite Sock Monkey. I made a triple round layer cake with lemon filling. A 15 inch round I believe, but that’s a lot of cake. I like to make everything big as I can. Is more fun that way. Then smooth iced it … Read more

Coolest Deer Antler Birthday Cake

Homemade Deer Antler Birthday Cake

My son for birthday number 12 wanted a plaque with horns for his cake. Like the ones hanging on our wall of which all my sons and husband are big hunters. So I gave it much thought. The cake was no big deal, just 2 9×13 chocolate cakes. Put them in the freezer because they … Read more