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Coolest Deer Antler Birthday Cake

My son for birthday number 12 wanted a plaque with horns for his cake. Like the ones hanging on our wall of which all my sons and husband are big hunters. So I gave it much thought.

The cake was no big deal, just 2 9×13 chocolate cakes. Put them in the freezer because they carve better that way. Decided to make the horns out of rice krispie treats, so I made a batch and let it cool. After that I took a very small loaf pan (probably a 2×4), boiled sugar and water till it was hard candy stage then poured about 2 inches deep into one pan and about one inch deep into the other. Be sure to use nonstick spray in the pan before you do this.

Earlier I had took a clean wire coat hanger and bent it in a “u” but kinda more square at the bottom than round so it would fit into the loaf pan. Prop it up with whatever you can (bowls, pitchers, whatever) till the candy hardens. Be sure to put it in the 2 inch candy. The 1 inch candy will later be for the nameplate.

After all is set up the next day, start putting rice krispie treat on the wire till all is covered. Make up some royal icing and make smaller antlers to add to the large ones. Roll smaller ones out with a tip on the end. Put a tooth pick and royal icing on each piece then put it into the big horns so it will be hidden. When finished I melted chocolate almond bark and white almond bark and with a paintbrush used each color to make it look as realistic as possible. It firms up quickly.

With the cake I just stacked the two layers with filling after leveling them and cut about two inches off one end then cut about a 2×4 out of the large cake for the antlers to fit in. You can even use a little hot glue on the bottom of the candy for more stability on the board. Then place the 2 inch end that you just cut off back where it goes. Cut the bottom end off each side in a diagonal so it looks a little like a diamond on the bottom. This is your plaque, then ice with chocolate like normal or fondant if you want to. Use your extra cake that you just cut off to make a mound over the candy hole.

Then place green fondant over it with the deer horns coming out. I used the other candy plaque to cover in white fondant and put his name on it. He said it was awesome and I loved doing it. Very cool cake. I even had enough rice krispie antlers that I made my older son a set that lays flat for him. His birthday is 3 days before R.J’s birthday. You can see them next to the cake in the picture.

Homemade Deer Antler Birthday Cake

Homemade Deer Antler Birthday Cake

Homemade Deer Antler Birthday Cake

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