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Coolest Gothic Wedding Cake

I made this Gothic wedding cake for my son’s wedding which was on Halloween. They came to me and asked if I could make a very strange and different cake. They wanted it to be teal and black and have offset square layers. They also wanted silver spikes around it. My mind raced with ideas.

Early Preparations of Spikes and Masks

I started making the cake about a month before the wedding.

  • I rolled out thick royal icing into spikes and put a toothpick through the bottom of each. I had to make a lot of them.
  • I let them dry till it was time to use them.
  • I dusted them right before I put the cake together with silver glitter.
  • I made masks out of white modeling chocolate.
  • I used a (Jason) Halloween mask and painted the mask on with a brush like I wanted it, and then kept adding layers.
  • After they hardened in the fridge, I took them off the mask and painted the back pretty thick with royal icing for stability.
  • I put royal icing on the front and before it dried I used silver and black edible glitter to sparkle it up.

Assembling the Gothic Wedding Cake

  • I filled the cakes and stacked them with a lot of bracing.
  • My son wanted drips of black down the sides of the cake, so I thinned some icing a bit and started at the edge and let it go.
  • Then I added the spikes. They were so amazing.
  • Next, I attached the masks. They were fairly heavy and needed support, so I used a small dowel to lean them on that worked perfectly.
  • I used black sugar paper to cut out small masks as extra decor.
  • They had a monogrammed F for the top and I also added peacock feathers to the top.

I was very pleased with the way the cake turned out and everyone loved it.  It was time consuming, but worth it.

Side Note: I also made chocolate skull mints for the table. I had a mold, and added a little mint to the chocolate. I think this was one of my better creations.

Coolest Gothic Wedding Cake

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