Coolest Polka Dot Rainbow Cake

It was my daughter’s birthday again and this year she had requested a chocolate rainbow cake. I looked around on the web and found a few rainbow cakes that I liked the look of and thought wouldn’t be too hard, but was a bit bored by the idea of it being just a chocolate cake … Read more

Coolest Pig Birthday Cake

Homemade Pig Birthday Cake

It was coming up to my daughter’s third birthday and I was excited. It was the first year she was starting to really get excited about her upcoming party. I wasn’t really sure what (if any) theme we would have, so I asked her what sort of cake she would like and quick as a … Read more

Cool Homemade Cookie Monster Face Cake With Cookies

Homemade Cookie Monster Cake

I was trying to figure out what cake to make for my son for his first birthday and was having a hard time deciding until my mum said “What about Cookie Monster – he eats everything in site just like B!” Perfect! So, after gaining inspiration through both here and Google I was ready to … Read more

Coolest Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Homemade Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s first birthday I decided that I wanted to make a cake based on one of her favourite books. After narrowing it down to ones that wouldn’t take me ten years and a thousand dollars to do justice to, I settled on Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake. I made the body out of … Read more