Fun Neon Trolls Birthday Cake

I love making cakes as a hobby for family & friends. I usually make a few cakes per year for their birthdays. My 4 year old niece originally asked for a Barbie style cake, which sounded like a nice, girly fun thing to do. Then, she changed her mind…. and wanted TROLLS. I knew nothing about … Read more

Coolest Baby Groot Cake

Coolest Baby Groot Cake

My son wanted a Guardians of the Galaxy theme for his 10th birthday so I made him a baby Groot cake. After doing a little bit of image searching on the internet and looking at some tutorials for baby Groot, I put it all together to make as simple a cake as I could pull … Read more

Cool Pirate Treasure Cupcakes

Cool Pirate Treasure Cupcakes

These Pirate Treasure cupcakes were for a 4 year old’s birthday party. The desire was for a feeling of pirate hidden treasure. The client wanted Jumbo sized cupcakes to allow decorating and treasure. I learned that sadly there are hardly ANY great decorative jumbo-sized cupcake liners or wraps so I went with gold foil. The … Read more

Coolest Lego Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Lego Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Lego Birthday Cake Idea for my son’s 5th birthday. He’s a huge Lego fan and I could tell trying to make and ice a big Lego piece might be a nightmare, so I found some silicone molds from eBay and and bought Wilton candy melts in red, green, blue and yellow. … Read more

Coolest Tinkerbell Fairy Garden Birthday Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell Fairy Garden Birthday Cake

My 3 year old niece wanted a Tinkerbell Fairy Garden birthday cake so I decided to try a little royal icing work for the first time. Some of the more intricate pieces (butterflies, ladybugs, and fancier drop flowers) I had to buy from a local cake supply store and the Tinkerbell candle and #3 candle … Read more

Coolest First Birthday Ocean Cake

Homemade First Birthday Ocean Cake

This homemade first birthday ocean cake was made for my friends son’s first birthday. The theme was “under the sea”. I made a 12x18x2 inch sheet cake. Half of it was a dark chocolate mix and half was a Golden Butter flavor. The frosting was homemade buttercream tinted Royal Blue with a bit of Cornflower … Read more

Coolest Homemade Angry Birds Cake for a 7th Birthday

Homemade Angry Birds Birthday Cake

I made this Angry Birds birthday cake for my son’s 7th birthday party. I had to assemble the cake onsite which was a little nerve-wracking but it wouldn’t transport well. The icing got bumped too, so it ended up not looking as smooth as it was at home. Smooth the slightly dry icing with a … Read more