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Coolest Homemade Angry Birds Cake for a 7th Birthday

I made this Angry Birds birthday cake for my son’s 7th birthday party. I had to assemble the cake onsite which was a little nerve-wracking but it wouldn’t transport well. The icing got bumped too, so it ended up not looking as smooth as it was at home.

Smooth the slightly dry icing with a Viva paper towel after a few hours drying time. I made a 1-layer 11×15 Devils Food sheet cake (FYI, two layer was way too much cake, so I didn’t do it, but for those who have the time to ice and fill two layers, it would have held the wired fondant figures more securely).

I iced it in homemade green butter cream. I made a small yellow cake in a small rectangular loaf pan to use as the pigs fortress base. The birds and pigs are all made of fondant made two days before the party. I usually use Satin Ice, but also used Wilton’s primary colors for some of the birds because I didn’t want to deal with coming up with a rich red, black, and green for the birds.

I had some toys I used to copy the details. It’s really hard to keep the ears and tail feathers on. I did my best brushing almond extract on to fuse the parts on to the bodies. Chocolate melts might have made a better glue, not sure.

The pigs wood fortress was wafer cookies rolled in fondant. The TNT boxes were rice krispy treats rolled in fondant with a little TNT sign made using white and an edible food writer marker. I cut the pieces of wafer cookie/RKTs to make it all look symmetrical before covering them. I used pieces of halved wooden toothpicks to stack and secure the fortress. It still couldn’t travel that way though and had to be added at the venue.

The nest was fondant (roll a ball), then with a measuring spoon pressed in to make a “bowl”. I then used toothpick to make texture like a nest. I put white jellybelly beans in for eggs. I took a piece of food safe wire, curled the end and inserted it into one of the blue birds. I stuck it into the pig cake base because the layer cake was too shallow to hold the wire securely. It worked out nicely though. It looked like a little bluebird was flying at the pigs.

The sling shot was fondant. This WAS the most problematic piece. Thank goodness I’d had the foresight to pre-wire it or it would have been crumbled into pieces before the candle blowing. I took brown Wilton fondant and made a “log” shape maybe 6″ long. I took a knife and made a slit in the top 1/3 to pull apart to make the arms of the slingshot. Before separating the arms though, I inserted wire into each arm, down through the base and out the bottom, so a total of two wires left and right. It took a few tries because the wire would come out in weird places but finally I got both to come out the bottom.

Then I took a thin bamboo skewer and put that up through the middle of the bottom base to have a sturdier base to insert into the cake. I couldn’t find licorice whips anywhere which would work better for the string of the slingshot. Instead I took a Brachs caramel, put it into a micro-safe dish and melted it 5 seconds. Then I put a couple drops of black food coloring into it. It’s very SOFT, almost too soft, but had to make it work.

Once the fondant slingshot dried, though, it was VERY susceptible to cracking with ANY pressure exerted on the arms, so be careful when trying to put the slingshot band on. You can snip the top wires later after you decide it’s ready for presentation. If it hadn’t been breaking apart, I’d have put a small bird into it even.

I then just piped “Happy Bird-day Nate” onto the cake using the Wilton stencils.

Homemade Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Homemade Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Homemade Angry Birds Birthday Cake

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