Coolest Handy Manny Birthday Cake

Homemade Handy Manny Birthday Cake

My brother asked me to make a cake for his son’s second birthday. It’s been a long time since I’ve had very little ones in the house so I asked what he was “into” these days. He told me Handy Manny. I had no clue who Handy Mann was, but after a short web search … Read more

Coolest Pikachu Birthday Cake

Homemade Pikachu Birthday Cake

My niece asked me for a Pikachu Birthday Cake to celebrate her 10th birthday. Being the ‘really cool aunt’, this was a challenge that I welcomed! For the body, I used the bowl for my Kitchen-Aid mixer and two cake mixes, then a 4 quart glass bowl with one cake mix. Baked each for just … Read more

Coolest Bunny Cake

Homemade Bunny Cake

My niece is celebrating her 11th birthday this year. When I asked what kind of cake she wanted, she simply said “bunnies in a hill.” Now…I’m scratching my head; is this a new show that I’m unaware of, is it a new game, a new book? No, she just likes bunnies on hills. Ok. I’m … Read more