Coolest Bunny Cake

My niece is celebrating her 11th birthday this year. When I asked what kind of cake she wanted, she simply said “bunnies in a hill.” Now…I’m scratching my head; is this a new show that I’m unaware of, is it a new game, a new book? No, she just likes bunnies on hills. Ok. I’m a sport. Let’s see what I come up with for my dearest niece.

I started with a small cake baked in the baking pan that fits in my toaster oven and two small half round cakes. Stared at them for about 30 minutes and decided to frost the entire bottom layer green for ‘grass’. I then called to my daughter the sculptor and resident artist to come out and ‘make me a bunny please?’ to which she whipped out a little white fondant bunny. She’s too talented!

I then used a grass tip and frosted the entire round cake in green (and a different shade of green since grass is not all the same color). I sat back and took a look – OK, what happens when you find bunnies on a hill? THEY RUN! OK! Now I piped random black circles on the hill for bunny holes using a large opening tip. On that black circle, I used a slightly smaller opening tip and piped two big feet. The final touch was a star tip for the tail. VOILA! Bunnies disappearing down a rabbit hole.

Now, there’s always one bunny who just sits and watches the world go by. He’s the little piped one in the foreground. There’s also another bunny who could care less who is coming – he’s got a carrot and he’s not leaving for any reason! I added the white edging and the writing. She LOVED IT!

This cake fed just a few people because everyone is on a diet and no one wanted too much cake. There was enough for everyone to have a small piece and the hill was left over for another day.

Homemade Bunny Cake

Homemade Bunny Cake

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