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Coolest Pikachu Birthday Cake

My niece asked me for a Pikachu Birthday Cake to celebrate her 10th birthday. Being the ‘really cool aunt’, this was a challenge that I welcomed!

For the body, I used the bowl for my Kitchen-Aid mixer and two cake mixes, then a 4 quart glass bowl with one cake mix. Baked each for just over one hour and cooled over night. I also used sugar cookies for the ears and tail. The “paws” were Twinkies cut in half on the diagonal so they would fit the curve of the cake. The eyes are York peppermint patties and the cheeks are Starbursts melted and cut with a very small biscuit cutter. Pikachu is sitting on a ten inch yellow layer cake frosted with green butter cream using the grass tip.

Frosting was a butter cream tinted bright yellow. In total, the cake took the better part of a day to create and decorate. The hard part was making sure the tail didn’t fall off. The first tail fell off in the fridge because of its weight so I made a second cookie, smaller and thinner (according to my QC director daughter).

My niece was all smiles when she saw her cake! We almost didn’t want to cut it, but we did.

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  1. It’s wonderful and our grandaughter was so excited. Sharon does special cakes for all her family and friends. Congratulations Sharon we are all proud of you. Love Mom & Dad


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