Coolest Round Totoro Cake

Homemade Round Totoro Cake

To start the Round Totoro Cake I created the Totoro picture. After making a classic white icing, I separated out smaller portions and used food coloring to make my colors, then filled cake decorating bags with a narrow tip with each color. Laying down a piece of wax paper and taping it to my kitchen … Read more

Coolest Easy Miffy Cake

Homemade Easy Miffy Cake

I made this Easy Miffy Cake for my daughter’s first birthday since she loves Miffy the bunny from the show “Miffy and friends”. I made a classic yellow, sour cream based cake with an eight inch round pan and ten cupcakes. The round cake makes up the head of course and I placed the cupcakes … Read more

Coolest Miffy and Snuffy Cake

In true Miffy fashion I made a simple carrot spice cake for my daughter’s second birthday. Then I made cream cheese frosting to ice the cake with. For the background I mixed some blue and green frosting using food coloring to create the grass and the sky. My daughter not only loves Miffy but she’s … Read more

Coolest Cthulhu from Lovecraft Cake

Homemade Cthulhu from Lovecraft Cake

My husband is a huge Lovecraft fan and loves Cthulhu, so I decided to try and make him a Cthulhu from Lovecraft Cake for his 30th birthday. I made a classic, sour cream based, marble cake (which is like making 2 cakes, 1 chocolate and 1 yellow). I poured some of the yellow in one … Read more