Coolest Round Totoro Cake

To start the Round Totoro Cake I created the Totoro picture. After making a classic white icing, I separated out smaller portions and used food coloring to make my colors, then filled cake decorating bags with a narrow tip with each color. Laying down a piece of wax paper and taping it to my kitchen table I then drew my picture on the wax paper one line of color at a time.

After filling in the Totoro, I then used a larger tip and plain white icing to cover the back of my picture and smoothed the layers out gently to press the icing down. This presses the picture enough to fill in any gaps and then it is complete. After finishing I placed my picture in the freezer for a few days.

When I was ready to assemble, I baked a marble cake and lightly iced with white icing. Then I removed my Totoro picture from the refrigerator, carefully placed it onto the cake, icing downwards, to fulfill the transfer. Taking a few minutes I pressed slightly to allow the warmth of my hands to help the picture transfer and shape to the round cake. Next, I gently removed the wax paper and my creation was complete!

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