Coolest Rocket Cake

Homemade Rocket Cake

My son wanted a rocket cake last year, so away I went. This is a six layer cake, so three recipes. I used the same size 8″ pan for all of them and filled them with chocolate butter cream. I inserted about 5 wooden skewers cut to the right height to stabilize the tall cake. … Read more

Coolest Mount Olympus Cake

Homemade Mount Olympus Cake

My daughter loves myths so for her 10th birthday she asked for a Mount Olympus cake. The cake itself wasn’t hard; I made two chocolate cake recipes and divided the batter between 4 decreasing size cake tins. Then I stacked them – filling between each layer, and only splitting the smallest, as it was the … Read more

Coolest Dolphin Cake

Homemade Dolphin Cake

This Dolphin cake is based on pictures on this site – they gave me the basic plan (dolphin 5 and dolphin 11 mainly). This was my daughter’s birthday cake last year, her request. The cake was a yellow cake, but of course a sturdy chocolate cake would be fine too. It’s 3 recipes divided between … Read more