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Coolest Mount Olympus Cake

My daughter loves myths so for her 10th birthday she asked for a Mount Olympus cake. The cake itself wasn’t hard; I made two chocolate cake recipes and divided the batter between 4 decreasing size cake tins. Then I stacked them – filling between each layer, and only splitting the smallest, as it was the thickest. I saved enough batter to make one cupcake which became the peak of the mountain. I covered and filled it with chocolate butter cream.

Then I made some very simple white icing and made the snow. I put it over top the chocolate butter cream (the top piece was a serious sugar hit as a result). Then I sprinkled the snow with white crystalline sprinkles I happened to have leftover from Christmas cookie decorating.

The decorations had me though, as plastic god figures aren’t that easy to come by, and I quailed at the thought of modelling them out of fondant. So instead I downloaded and shrunk pictures of gods and goddesses. This took some time, as they’re not all in one place, and I wanted them to sort of match in look. I cut them out very carefully and taped them to toothpicks then stuck them in the mountain.

The rocks at the bottom are chocolate filled rocks – not sure if they were necessary but my daughter loved it. The candles were long curly gold tapers and the whole effect was pretty impressive for a simple cake.

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  1. My grandson is totally into Greek mythology legends and would like me to make a Mt. Olympus cake for his 11th birthday this month….I was at a loss of where and how to fulfill his wish until I found your site…..I’m not sure if I can do as well as you but I’ll give it my best try! Thanks for sharing your photo and cake directions.


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