Easy Homemade Pink Baby Bump Cake

Homemade Baby Bump Cake

First I baked three half sheets of cake. The first two were for the bottom layers of the cake. The last half sheet was then cut in half. One of the halves was use for the bellie of the cake (I cut the cake with floss so I could then put in strawberry mousse filling … Read more

Coolest Computer Keyboard Cake

Homemade Computer Cake

My friend wanted a cake for her nephew. Well she wanted it to be a computer cake and so I went with that. The cake is chocolate. I made three half sheet cakes. Two of them were layered and then cover with marshmallow fondant that I colored brown and made sure not to get the … Read more

Coolest Bible Cake

Homemade Bible Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make a cake for a first communion. I wanted to have a rosary in it so I decided to make an open bible cake with a rosary laying across it. I baked two half sheet cakes and a small round cake. The cake was chocolate from scratch. The … Read more