Coolest Panda Bear Cake

Homemade Panda Bear Cake

This Panda Bear cake is for my grandson who will be 3. He loves Kung-fu-panda. I used the stand up bear pan and used 6 cups + 2/3 cup of cake mix. I mixed 2 mixes. I baked according to directions. And let cool according to directions. I also used 3 skewers to help support … Read more

Coolest Beer Cooler Birthday Cake

Homemade Beer Cooler Birthday Cake

I made 2 small oval cakes for this Beer Cooler Birthday Cake. I used 1 cake mix baked according to directions. Let cool completely. Then ice between layers with buttercream. I found the directions for making sugar bottles online and thought I would try it. It took longer to make the mould than it was … Read more

Coolest Teapot Cake

Homemade Teapot Cake

My aunt found a teapot cake similar to this in a magazine and sent it to me. My friend collects teapots so I did this for her birthday. I used the sports ball pan from Wilton and one cake mix and baked according to directions. Let cool and trim the very top and bottom. Reserve … Read more

Coolest Dean’s St. Louis Cardinals Birthday Cake

Homemade Dean's St. Louis Cardinals Birthday Cake

I used the retired Wilton baseball glove cake pan. I also used a small oven proof glass bowl. I used 1 cake mix. I made 2 small cakes in the glass bowl 1st, then used the rest of the mix in the glove pan. After cooked, let cool completely. I had to trim the cakes … Read more