Cool Homemade Camping Cake with Kit Kat Log Cabin

Homemade Camping Cake

My son requested a cabin cake for his 4th birthday. So this camping cake is what I came up with. The cabin is kit kat’s stuck together with candy melts. The birds and bear are candy melt molds. The tree is a tootsie roll molded down. The bunnies are freehand candy melts and the deer … Read more

Sweet Homemade Carousel Cake

Homemade Carousel Cake

This carousel cake was inspired by several cakes on this site. I found the swirl lollipop sticks and decided to do a carousel from them. The bottom is two 12 inch rounds, iced. On top of them is a layer of rice krispie treats pressed into a 12 inch round, hardened and then iced. Then … Read more

Fun Homemade Volcano Cake

Volcano Cake

My son wanted a dinosaur and volcano cake for his third birthday. The base is a rectangular cake iced with brown icing that had cookies broken up in it to make it look like dirt. The dinosaurs are molded from caramel then dipped in tinted candy melts. The volcano is made from chocolate rice krispie … Read more

Coolest Star Wars Cake

Homemade Star Wars Cake

My son wanted a Star Wars Cake for his 4th party. The figures are candy molds. The death star and millenium falcon are rice krispie treats covered in candy melts. The death star beam is reception sticks and I scraped the chocolate off of them. The Darth head in the front is a candle that … Read more

Coolest R2D2 Birthday C ake

Homemade R2D2 Birthday Cake

This R2D2 Birthday Cake was for my husband’s 40th birthday. It is three 10 inch round cakes. The top and arms are rice krispie treats covered in candy melts. Two full batches of rice krispie treats and two bags of white candy melts. They are stuck in with toothpicks. The cake required three full batches … Read more

Sports Cake

Sports Cake

My nephew was having a sport themed birthday party. So he asked me to make a sports cake that would go with the theme. I made a large rectangular cake and iced it green with my butter cream icing. The icing is green and the tip was #233 to make it look like grass. The … Read more