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Sweet Homemade Carousel Cake

This carousel cake was inspired by several cakes on this site. I found the swirl lollipop sticks and decided to do a carousel from them.

The bottom is two 12 inch rounds, iced. On top of them is a layer of rice krispie treats pressed into a 12 inch round, hardened and then iced. Then I made a rice krispie treat log and stuck the lollipop sticks around it for stability and put the bottom RKT circle to the RKT tent top.

The top is a rice krispie treats coated in candy and decorated to match the sticks stuck on with candy melts. The animals are candy molds and I wrapped pretzel rods with wax paper and inserted them while they dried so that there was a hollow hole down the middle of the lollipop sticks to insert into.

Then I slid each animal into the cake base/tent top piece. You can’t see all the animals in this photo but there was an elephant, giraffe, tiger, swan, and two unicorns. The little girl was caramel molded then a starburst for her dress and bows. The hair is tootsie rolls which I made into tiny curls and put on her hair to look like my daughter. The flag and HB sign are both candy melts made freehand.

It was A LOT of work but a blast and my friends and her friends loved it. If you want more pictures I would be happy to send them.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Homemade Carousel Cake”

  1. The animals are all candy molds, mostly purchased from Sugarcraft. I wrapped a pretzel in wax paper and inserted it after I poured the tinted candy melts, so that when I put the two pieces together there was a hole. Then I inserted the lollipop sticks in that so that the “poles” ran through the animals and allowed me to put them in the carousel.

  2. OMG you are SOOO creative! I can’t believe you thought to use pretzel rods! I am doing a carousel theme for my 4 year old’s birthday and am amazed at the talent! great job.


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