Sports Cake

My nephew was having a sport themed birthday party. So he asked me to make a sports cake that would go with the theme.

I made a large rectangular cake and iced it green with my butter cream icing. The icing is green and the tip was #233 to make it look like grass. The basketball court is black icing. The baseball diamond is white and beige icing. The bats and baseball mitt are caramel, heated and molded.

The footballs are tootsie rolls with melted candy melts for piping. The basketball and cones are orange star bursts. The caramel, star bursts and tootsie rolls should be melted for only about ten seconds so that they are warm to work with but not too hot. The football goal posts are those candy sticks that are dipped in chocolate. I cut them to size and them stuck them together with melted chocolate.

The soccer net is made of candy melts. I hand piped it onto a grid that I made covered in wax paper. And I made four pieces. Then when it had hardened I stuck them together with more melted candy melts (the Wilton brand).

The baseball player (my nephew) is made from caramel then painted with candy melts. His hat is a melted star burst candy. The basketball hoop is candy melts. I made this in several steps. The base and the pole were step one. The backboard was step two. Then I put them together with candy melts. Then the hoop and the net. I wrapped wax paper around a cylinder. Then piped out the net; let it set, and then I peeled off the net from the wax paper. Then I stuck the net to the hoop. When it had dried I stuck the hoop and net to the backboard.

The soccer balls are store bought, I could not do that level of detail. The side details also are those sugar appliques you can buy at any craft store.

It was a huge hit. One kid told his mom the highlight of the party was the cake, no higher compliment than that from a bunch of nine year olds.

5 thoughts on “Sports Cake”

  1. Very cool sports cake! My son is turning 7 and we are going to a sports center, this is a great way to pull all sports together in one cake!

  2. This looks great. Do you happen to know what the size of your cake was? I need to make a cake like this in 2 wks and you’ve given me a great idea. Hope to hear back.

  3. This is wonderful. I am making it for my son.
    I have been practiceing on the grass and can’t get
    it to look like grass. Can you give me any
    suggestions. Thank you.


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