Coolest Chinese Food To Go Cake

Chinese Takeout Box Cake

I made this Chinese takeout box cake for an Asian Moon Festival event at work. (Where I work, we have potlucks with themes throughout the year. Basically, we like to snack at work, so we’ll find any reason to celebrate and eat.) This cake is very simple to make. Making the Chinese Takeout Box Cake … Read more

Cool Homemade Diego Cake

Diego Cake

I baked three chocolate, two inch round cakes for this Diego cake. I placed one on top of another with butter cream frosting in the middle. The third cake I cut in half and stacked them together with butter cream frosting in the middle. I inserted three wooden dowels in the bottom cake to support … Read more

Coolest Little Mermaid Cake

Little Mermaid Cake

I saw something similar in a cake book and wanted to make my own version of a Little Mermaid cake, so here is it. I hope you like it! For the board, I cut chunks of board away from the edges, so the board wouldn’t be a perfect circle, and then covered it with a … Read more

Coolest Flower Cake

Butterflies and Flowers Cake

I baked this flower cake for a friend of mine’s niece. It was her 16th birthday. At first my friend had asked me to bake her a butterfly cake (one from a butterfly pan) and I said I would, but after I thought a little more on it, I asked her if I could do … Read more