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Coolest Chinese Food To Go Cake

I made this Chinese takeout box cake for an Asian Moon Festival event at work. (Where I work, we have potlucks with themes throughout the year. Basically, we like to snack at work, so we’ll find any reason to celebrate and eat.)

This cake is very simple to make.

Making the Chinese Takeout Box Cake

A few days in advance…

Using white fondant, cut out four square pieces for the sides of the Chinese Food box. I made the side tops a little shorter than the bottom piece. Remember to include an extra inch at the top of the side pieces, so the sides are slightly higher than the stacked cake. Set them aside to dry. Then, cut out four half-size tops, and set them aside to dry.

Important: Set the box pieces on wax paper and let them sit on your kitchen counter for a few days. Cover them with only a paper towel only. After each day goes by carefully turn the pieces over to help them dry faster.

Once the box pieces are dry use royal icing to draw a Chinese house on one side piece. For the other three sides, I searched the internet for the Chinese symbol of love, hope, and friendship, and piped them on with royal icing.

I used different food color gels added to fondant to make the chop-sticks, carrots, broccoli (use a round 4 tip to make groves in broccoli top), mushrooms, fortune cookies, and cookie note.

Baking the Cakes

Bake three 6 x 2 cakes (pound cake works best, but isn’t necessary to make this cake).

Before beginning the cake construction, make sure the box pieces are completely dry (two to three days)

Stack the cake layers together with butter cream in the center and around the sides. Put royal icing on the box edges and attach them to the sides of the cake to create the look of the Chinese Food box, let dry for a couple of hours.

Place the box tops first, then the chop-sticks, carrots, broccoli, and mushroom pieces on top the cake. Lastly, using a Clay Extruder (you can find at any cake supply store) place off-white fondant noodles inside the Chinese Food box and over the sides.

Note: make sure not to cover the food pieces. You may need to re-arrange them once the noodles are in position. Break open one of the fortune cookies and place it on the cake board, along with the second cookie and cookie note.

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  1. Thanks so much my friend Mary is a big fan of chicken lo mein, who isn’t and I created a larger version of this cake and made chicken looking fondant, it was a big hit, Mary loved it for her birthday, it means a lot to me, thanks so much, I am so happy, I did add some things to make it a bit more interesting, I made home made fortune cookies and wrote a message to my friend, Mary.
    THANKS AGAIN, I will make this again and post any additions to my cake, I also would like to put up some picture’s of my cake! Mary says thanks too!!!

  2. Wow, this cake is seriously cool…is it even a cake? Lol =P Everyone in our family loves Chinese, and I’m thinking of making it for my dad’s and sister’s (joint) birthday =D

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