Coolest Noah’s Ark Baby Shower Cake

This Noah’s Ark baby shower cake was 5 layers, and took 4 cake mixes, so I mixed and matched flavors just for fun. The bottom layer is just a normal 9×13. The next 2 layers I baked as 9×13, but then carved into a sort of “football” shape for the base of the ark. I … Read more

Eiffel Tower Cake

Eiffel Tower Cake

This Eiffel Tower Cake was for my friend’s 40th birthday–she loves Paris, but couldn’t get there, so my daughter and I told her we would bring Paris to her! I honestly can’t remember exactly how many cakes we stacked, but I think it was 4 8×8’s, plus 2 cupcakes at the top. I froze the cakes … Read more

Cool Pirate’s Chest Cake

Cool Pirate's Chest Cake

I made this for my son’s birthday party. It was simply two 9×13 single-layer cakes. Right after baking, I covered the bottom with a piece of waxed paper and flattened out with my hand so it wouldn’t bulge in the middle (I never cut them flat because the squished cake tastes so yummy and moist!). … Read more

Cool 49ers Fan Football Cake

Cool 49ers Fan Football Cake

My 14-year-old daughter is a huge football fan, and since her birthday was so close to the Super Bowl, she went with the 49ers theme. The cake is a double-layer 9×13 size. I found a 49ers logo coloring picture online, and sized it to what I wanted. After putting a base layer of frosting on … Read more

Coolest Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Coolest Rapunzel Birthday Cake

My friend’s 6-year-old loves all things Disney, so when the movie “Tangled” came out she wanted a very special cake. She supplied two crenelation circles made out of plastic, the Rapunzel and prince figures, plus the crown/flag for the top of the tower. I made 2 8-inch rounds, 4 6-inch rounds, and the extra batter went into … Read more

Coolest Castle Fortress Cake

Homemade Castle Fortress Cake

My niece wanted a birthday castle cake, but didn’t want it to be too “girly”, more like Medieval castle fortress cake style. I made 2 12-inch square cakes and 1 10-inch square. I stacked the 2 12-inch squares and cut a quarter-circle out of each corner. Then I took 4 flat ice cream cones, put … Read more

Coolest Lord Of The Rings Birthday Cake

Homemade Lord of the Rings Birthday Cake

My friend’s son was a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so she purchased a few figurines to put on top of this Lord of the Rings birthday cake. I made a 1/2 sheet cake and frosted it. Then I sprayed it with green food color to get a “hazy” kind of look. (Note about … Read more