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Coolest Noah’s Ark Baby Shower Cake

This Noah’s Ark baby shower cake was 5 layers, and took 4 cake mixes, so I mixed and matched flavors just for fun. The bottom layer is just a normal 9×13. The next 2 layers I baked as 9×13, but then carved into a sort of “football” shape for the base of the ark. I flipped them upside down while carving so it would be easier to cut inward a bit for the bottom of the hull. The top 2 layers were 6×6 squares.

First I laid the 9×13 and completely iced it with blue frosting. Then I placed each of the two carved boat layers on top, with icing in between. Then I placed the two 6×6 layers in the center, again icing between each layer. I piped the frosting onto the boat to get the “log” texture using a #10 round tip (it actually seemed easier than crumb-coating and trying to frost with a spatula). After completing all the frosting, I used a graham cracker for the ramp, and frosted it so the animals would stick to it.

The baby shower was for twins, so I made sure to have matching pairs of all the animals, and I put them on after transporting the cake to the shower. It was a definite hit!