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Cool 49ers Fan Football Cake

My 14-year-old daughter is a huge football fan, and since her birthday was so close to the Super Bowl, she went with the 49ers theme. The cake is a double-layer 9×13 size.

I found a 49ers logo coloring picture online, and sized it to what I wanted. After putting a base layer of frosting on the cake, I cut out the logo and traced around it in the frosting. Then I cut down to the next oval and traced it, then I cut out the SF shape in the center and traced. Using a photo of the logo as a guideline, I colored everything in. I never use fondant because I don’t like the taste, so I piped all the butter cream into the various shapes, then smoothed over with a knife. Note: the gold oval in the logo was done using a sparkle gel. Unfortunately, the gel doesn’t hold shape so I couldn’t use it for the border like I wanted. After finishing the logo, I added yard lines for the football field, grass, and the border.

She loved it, and so did all our California football fans at the party!

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