Eiffel Tower Cake

This Eiffel Tower Cake was for my friend’s 40th birthday–she loves Paris, but couldn’t get there, so my daughter and I told her we would bring Paris to her! I honestly can’t remember exactly how many cakes we stacked, but I think it was 4 8×8’s, plus 2 cupcakes at the top. I froze the cakes before stacking so that I could carve the edges off to get the proper slope of the tower. Wooden skewer in the center held everything in place while I frosted. I looked at a photo of the tower to make the design around the edges, which I piped on using a #4 tip. Then I had to look up online how to say “Happy Birthday” in French! I added a bit of grass at the bottom to give it some more color.

My friend loved the cake, and loved the idea of bringing Paris home for her birthday! Definitely a fun one to create.

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