Coolest Pekingese Dog Cake

Homemade Pekingese Dog Cake

I made this Pekingese Dog Cake for a friend’s nephew’s 1st birthday. They have a Pekingese dog that he loves, and requested a cake of the dog. I had never made a “realistic” animal cake before, so this one was quite challenging. I first made 2 cakes in 9×13 pans and one in a round … Read more

Coolest World Globe Cake

Homemade World Globe Cake

I made this World Globe Cake for my little sister’s graduation party. We’re “Navy brats” and have traveled a lot, so I thought this would be a fitting cake for her party. I cooked one cake mix (dark chocolate fudge) for each of the the top and bottom halves in a “soccer ball” cake pan. … Read more

Cool Homemade Transformers Cakes

Homemade Transformers Cake

I made this Transformers Cake for my son’s 4th birthday party. He loves Transformers. He likes to watch the 80’s cartoons we have on DVD, but also likes all the new toys that are out from the newer movies. First, I make a sheet cake (half chocolate, half funfetti), and covered it with a steel … Read more

Coolest Optimus Prime Birthday Cake

Homemade Optimus Prime Birthday Cake

My husband is a huge Transformers fan, so I decided to make him an Optimus Prime Birthday Cake for his 27th birthday. I opted for the version from the 80’s cartoons, which he grew up with, and was much easier to make, in my opinion! I made 4 8×8 cakes using 4 boxed cake mixes … Read more

Simple Homemade Blues Clues Cake and Cupcakes

Homemade Blues Clues Pawprint Cake

I made this Blues Clues pawprint cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. I just frosted a round cake with blue icing, along with 4 cupcakes to make the pawprint. Very simple, but it was so cute! And of course my son loved it!

Coolest Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

Homemade Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

I made this Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake for a friend’s 19th birthday, and she is a huge “Cars” fan, so she specially requested this. First, I made a 9×13 fudge marble swirl cake (with 2 cake mixes) for the base of the cake. Then, I made a red velvet cake in a bread loaf pan … Read more