Sweet Homemade Yellow Cat Birthday Cake

Homemade Cat Birthday Cake

This Cat Birthday Cake was for a little girl that loves kitties. I used a large Wilton oval cake pan for the body and a small oval for the head. I trimmed a little off the sides of the small oval cake to make the ears of the cat attaching with icing. I also made … Read more

Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake

Homemade Puppy Birthday Cake

This Puppy Birthday Cake was made for a little girl that loves stuffed animals. I started by baking three sheet cakes and one cake in a small stainless bowl. Using two of the sheet cakes, I stacked them placing icing between the layers. I then used a knife to form the shape of the body … Read more

Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Blue and White Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

This Homemade Baby Shower Cake was for a very large baby shower. The shower was a “Splish Splash” theme. I made a four layer, two tier round cake. Covered with fondant and then placed round cut outs on the top and sides. I just put yellow satin wire edge ribbon on the sides. Then topped … Read more

Coolest Superman Birthday Cake

Homemade Superman Birthday Cake

My grandson Parker wanted a Superman party last year. I started this Superman Birthday Cake with a 16 inch round cake pan for the bottom cake. A 12 inch was used for the middle layer. I used one half of the Wilton soccer ball cake pan for the top layer. Using butter cream icing I … Read more

Cool Homemade Spongebob Pineapple House Cake with Characters

Homemade Spongebob and Pineapple House Cake

This Spongebob and Pineapple House Cake was for my granddaughter Presley’s 5th Birthday. I started with a large oval Wilton pan which I decorated with buttercream icing. I crumpled up waxed paper and blotted the top of the cake for texture. Then sprayed the top with Wilton Spray coloring. Followed by decorating the ocean floor … Read more

Coolest Hat Cake

Homemade  Hat Cake

I started this Hat Cake by using a 12 inch round cake pan for the bottom of the cake. For the top, I used a 5 inch stainless mixing bowl. After baking, I simply removed the cake from the mixing bowl and placed in on top the center of the round cake using icing to … Read more

Coolest Sombrero Birthday Cake

Homemade Sombrero Birthday Cake

I used a 12 inch round Wilton cake pan for the base and a small stainless steel mixing bowl for the top of the Sombrero Birthday Cake. After baking and removing from pans, I inverted the cake baked in the mixing bowl on top of the large round cake (using a layer of icing to … Read more

Cute Homemade Fish Birthday Cake for a 16 Year Old

Homemade Fish Birthday Cake

I made this Fish Birthday Cake for a 16 year old boy that loves to fish. I ordered two fish shaped pans online and used “parts” off of both baked cakes to come up with a desired shape and size. I made the cake using a red velvet mix. I cut a hole in the … Read more

Coolest Under the Sea Baby Shower Cake Design

Homemade Under the Sea Baby Shower Cake Design

The Under the Sea Baby Shower Cake Design for this baby shower was “Baby and Me, Under the Sea”. I tried to make the sheet cake to look just like the invitation to the shower. I used a Wilton 14 x 18 inch sheet cake pan. After cooling, I used Butter Cream icing tinted blue … Read more

Coolest Baseball Field and Ball Cake

Homemade Baseball Field and Ball Cake

This Baseball Field and Ball Cake was make for a 10 year old that loves baseball. I started with a Wilton 12 inch round cake pan and the small Wilton Sports Ball pan. I cut the edge off on two sides of the round cake to make it look more like a baseball field. I … Read more