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Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake

This Puppy Birthday Cake was made for a little girl that loves stuffed animals.

I started by baking three sheet cakes and one cake in a small stainless bowl. Using two of the sheet cakes, I stacked them placing icing between the layers. I then used a knife to form the shape of the body of the puppy. I used the small cake baked in the mixing bowl for the head. The head was attached by icing. I made a mussel by cutting a small part of the third sheet cake. The legs and the tail were also cut from that third sheet cake attaching with icing.

I used the Wilton grass tip for the fur. The eyes and nose were made by tinting a small amount of icing and adding powdered sugar until formable. I have used Junior Mints in the past for button eyes and they work very well.

The ears were made by stacking the icing. No cake there. I added a collar on the puppy with the child’s name. I just love this little fellow.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake”

  1. I just love your cake.

    I am having a brunch and a Bow-Wow Barkday for my dogs this month and wanted to create a dog cake somewhat to a Norwich Terrier and I’m going to try your design but using a loft pan for the body and for the head you placed a cake mix in a metal baking bowl and baked it and then did you trim the sides of create to long look for the face?

    Excellent Job!

    And I love using the grass tip! Very Cool.

  2. Hello!

    I took your ideas and I only make meat cakes for animals so I made the body out of a loaf pan and the head out of a silver baking bowl small, etc.

    Then I baked an oval pan for the tail and feet.

    I only work with cream cheese for my dogs. I mastered it today and I will decorate this cake next Saturday for my Rocky and Roxy’s BIG BARKDAY.

    Thank you for your tips and I will email you the cake results…Wish me Luck!

    Hartsdale, NY


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