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Coolest Sombrero Birthday Cake

I used a 12 inch round Wilton cake pan for the base and a small stainless steel mixing bowl for the top of the Sombrero Birthday Cake. After baking and removing from pans, I inverted the cake baked in the mixing bowl on top of the large round cake (using a layer of icing to hold it secure).

About one (1) inch from the edge of the base cake use a small sharp knife to etch a circle completely around the cake. From that circle measure in two (2) inches and etch another circle. Angle your sharp knife from each etched line to cut a “V” shape into one half of the layer of cake. Remove cut out cake. This gives your cake the shape of a hat.

I simply iced the cake using a Wilton #21 star tip in vibrant colors. I found gummy chilli pepper candies to add to cake.

This cake was baked for my daughter Lesli’s 30th birthday party. Guests loved it.

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