Coolest Deer Cake

Homemade Deer Cake

This was the largest cake, my father-in-law is a big hunter, and had given my boys both deer mounts for Christmas so me and my wife thought we would give him a deer cake for his birthday. We started by making a stand out of a 1×12 board then made a deer shape head for … Read more

Coolest KFC Bucket of Chicken Cake

Homemade KFC Bucket of Chicken Cake

I had made just a few plain cakes and my little sister came to me and said she told the people that she works with (KFC) that I would make a bucket of chicken cake for her Christmas party. I said ‘ok, but you are going to help’. First I thought I would have to … Read more

Coolest Make Up Kit Purse Cake

Homemade Make Up Kit Purse Cake

Where do I start, one of my four nieces asked me if I could make her a Make Up Kit Purse Cake like she had seen on T.V. So I opened my big mouth and said sure. Anyway I got right home and stated to do some research on the subject and found your site … Read more