Coolest Make Up Kit Purse Cake

Where do I start, one of my four nieces asked me if I could make her a Make Up Kit Purse Cake like she had seen on T.V. So I opened my big mouth and said sure. Anyway I got right home and stated to do some research on the subject and found your site and the tips and hint from the others helped me so much. I found the main problem I had was fondant so I asked a friend of mine who had done cakes in the past about using the fondant and she said she did not like to due to it been hard to word with. I found some at a local store and tried any way.

I had made my cake with one part flat and the other standing up I used chop sticks to hold up the lid, placed three in the top to help support the lid and then through the bottom of the lid part and into the back of the laying flat part. Seemed to hold okay, after putting a thin coat of butter cream on the cake

I rolled out the fondant and began to attempt to put on my cake and low and behold BIG holes developed. There was some humidity in the air and I thought I might have made my fondant too thin. So I turned up the A.C. and made the fondant thicker. I also let it rest for about 5 min. after I rolled it out and this time it worked thank GOD.

I then went to make the comb (I had new one). I pressed it into the fondant and cut out around it and I thought, WOW, it looked like a comb. Then colored my fondant brown and molded some brush tops, used the back of a paring knife to make lines in the brush tips, then rolled some snakes and made groves in the handles to give some more detail. Put the top and bottom of the brushes together with a little water.

I then made some candy clay from recipe out of a cake book I had with candy melts and Karo syrup, colored and molded into lipstick, and nail polish. Did good until I tried to make some candy apple sugar and did not let the sugar cool down enough and melted my nail polish LOL! Anyway, used what sugar was left and molded a heart that looked like a powder puff. P.S. make sure the sugar is a little cool, gets very HOT.

All in all turned out good and am trying other things now. Hope you like it.

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