Coolest Spongebob and Friends Scene Cake

Homemade Spongebob and Friends Scene Cake

I was asked by a neighbor to make a Spongebob and Friends Scene Cake for her daughter who loves Spongebob. I knew that I wanted to do a scene with Spongebob’s house but wasn’t sure which figures I could find. After looking all over with no luck for the characters, I decided to try Walmart. … Read more

Coolest Jonas Brothers Guitar Cake

Homemade Jonas Brothers Guitar Cake

My niece was told after three years of High School Musical NO MORE! So she wanted a Jonas Brothers cake. I decided to make it into a guitar. I cut a electric guitar shape out of paper and used that as a template. After baking and preparing two 11×15 cakes I cut out around the … Read more

Coolest Army Scene Birthday Cake

Homemade Army Scene Birthday Cake

My son wanted an Army Scene Birthday Cake for his fourth birthday. I made two 11×15 cakes, filled and frosted. With that done I took some of his army guys and toy figures and created a fighting scene on the top of the cake. I also added a helicopter pad and a watch station on … Read more

Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

Homemade Swimming Pool Cake

My husband called me from work one day to ask a HUGE favor. The UPS driver at his work needed a swimming pool cake for that weekend. All the local bakeries couldn’t do it on short notice so my husband volunteered me. His three kids swim competitively. They were having an end of the season … Read more

Coolest Old Man Retirement Cake

Homemade Old Man Retirement Cake

I was asked by my husband’s aunt to make her husband a birthday/retirement/Fathers day cake all in one. She wanted it to remind him that he was “old”. Her words not mine. So I knew that it needed an old guy. This Old Man Retirement Cake was the first time I ever used fondant! I … Read more