Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

My husband called me from work one day to ask a HUGE favor. The UPS driver at his work needed a swimming pool cake for that weekend. All the local bakeries couldn’t do it on short notice so my husband volunteered me. His three kids swim competitively. They were having an end of the season party and wanted a pool, with the strokes the kids swim, the logos for the teams and a pool.

So I baked one 11×15 and one 9×13 cakes. I filled the 11×15 and then started cutting the 9×13 up to make the upper part of the pool. Once those pieces were on I frosted everything. I rolled out gray fondant. I placed that over the cake and cut out the middle. I used a play-doh knife to make the tile design. The night before I had made little feet and heads. Whole bodies are time consuming and when you’re swimming all you see are arms and feet. I made three because he has three kids.

I used fondant to make swim caps and goggles. I bought rice krispies and cut them into the shaped of the starting blocks. Covered them in butter cream and then fondant and applied the same tile design. I took matching fondant and rolled it up to look like towels and put it on the starting blocks. I used a blue buttercream and dumped it in the middle and didn’t spread to much I wanted it to look choppy like water. The lanes and the border are mini marshmallows and rope licorce.

I cut the team logos out of fondant and hand painted them with food coloring and placed them on each end of the pool. I also created a “scoreboard” with their names and the strokes they swim with made up times. The board is about and inch and a half into the cake and there are three skewers behind it holding it up.

Swimming Pool Cake

Swimming Pool Cake

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