Coolest Army Scene Birthday Cake

My son wanted an Army Scene Birthday Cake for his fourth birthday. I made two 11×15 cakes, filled and frosted. With that done I took some of his army guys and toy figures and created a fighting scene on the top of the cake. I also added a helicopter pad and a watch station on the outside of the board. I decided to use a wooden board covered with contact paper instead of a regular cake board.

I have found with heavy cakes its better to use the wooden board. I used sugar babies for the road. I also bunched up a the sugar babies to look like rocks. I used a grass tip to put in patches of grass around the tanks and the other toys. I also used the grass tip for the boarder.

I added the “Fort Dimitri” on so that my son’s name was on but it was still military. I also added some stripes for good measure.

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