Coolest Spiderman Cake

Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake

My son begged and pleaded for a Spiderman cake for his 9th birthday and after trawling Ebay, I finally found a pan to suit his requirements. The cake itself is just a white wings butter cake mix, made to packet directions and cooked to directions. Once turned out, the cake had the impressions in it, … Read more

Coolest Pooh Bear Birthday Cake

Homemade Pooh Bear Birthday Cake

I bought the sitting Pooh Hunny pot pan from Ebay, another one listed as hard to find and thought it would complement Tigger. This one was made for a friend’s daughter when she turned 5. Though not her actual cake, it was a welcome addition on the table and something she had asked for nonetheless. … Read more

Coolest Tigger Cake

Homemade Tigger Cake

I bought a Tigger pan on Ebay, as it was listed as hard to find. I make cakes as a hobby, for both my children and other people’s and thought Tigger would be a nice addition to my pans. My daughter who turned 14 in 2009 asked me to make it for her birthday and … Read more

Coolest Fairy Godmother Cake

Homemade Fairy Godmother Cake

I saw this Fairy Godmother Cake in a book that I had bought and decided to have a go at making one. The fairy godmother is made up of 1 large pudding basin sized cake (I used a Madeira cake recipe that was included with the book, but any packet mix would suit) that has … Read more