Coolest Fairy Godmother Cake

I saw this Fairy Godmother Cake in a book that I had bought and decided to have a go at making one. The fairy godmother is made up of 1 large pudding basin sized cake (I used a Madeira cake recipe that was included with the book, but any packet mix would suit) that has been rounded at the top and “folds” cut in for the icing to nestle into. All the outside consists of sugar paste (ready to roll fondant) and modeling paste.

The head, arms, hands, wand, hood, cape, glasses, eyes, bust and ribbons are made of modeling paste colored to suit and the dress is made of sugar paste. She was a project cake, just for the fun of it and she was a joy to make! The board she sits on is covered with pink and blue sugar paste rolled together to give a marbled effect, then rolled and placed on the board and trimmed to fit.

The book provided templates for the cape, hood and ribbons and the rest was rolled and placed free form onto the cake. I make cakes for my own children and for others by order and this is one of the more ambitious one’s I’ve undertaken and the only one so far made entirely from rolled icings. The head and hands were made a day previous to the rest of the cake, to allow time for the modeling paste to harden, then while the cake was cooling, I colored the modeling paste the appropriate colors for the bust, cape, hood etc and set them aside. Once the cake was cold, I cut the folds into the cake, using offcuts to give the dress a fuller appearance, then covered the whole cake in home made butter cream icing before laying on the sugar paste.

All up, this little lady took me 2 days to complete.

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